December 19th’s meanderings

December 19, 2013

6:09 p.m.

For years and years, I have been writing a journal with the purpose of documenting my life. The activity is very self-serving. I enjoy writing about almost everything that happens. Hey, it doesn’t take much to keep myself entertained, especially when I am writing for myself. Well, that’s changing since I have made the choice, made the promise to write everyday.

What stops a lot of people from writing, and this is the number one reason why people would not write letters to me: they have nothing to write about. I propose that it doesn’t really take much to find something to write about.

The greatest thing about writing for the public is that if someone finds my blog boring and meaningless just don’t have to read what I write.

         I got up this morning around 8:30. My main goal was to feed the dogs, mostly with the purpose of getting Abby to leave me alone; she can be very persistent when it comes to food. I also needed to check on the pump room floor as yesterday morning when I fed the dogs, I noticed there was a very large puddle that was trying to impersonate a very small lake. It wasn’t anything that towels couldn’t clean up, and we did finally find the three pipes that were leaking and were able to place a container under to catch the drips.

         After feeding Abby, Ricky, and Lucy, I looked at the calendar, though I know there wasn’t much on it, and said to myself, “Well, I don’t have to go to the doctor’s until eleven, I might as well go back to bed and read.” Reading in bed is one of my favorite activities, especially when it is cold and I can snuggle in my fleece Patriot’s blanket. In the Summer, I go out in the hot sun and read on the deck. Read and warmth seem to go hand in hand. Anyway, I just started a new book, The White Princess, and I’m hooked on this series.

         I got up around 10:15 after reading and napping, and jumped into the shower. The dogs tried to convince me that since I was just getting up, it must be their breakfast time. I didn’t fall for it. I have in the past, which is probably why Lucy the Loveable Yellow Labrador weighs a whopping 101 pounds. She’s a tank.

         Even though I was just going cross town, the dogs thought that this was a fantastic adventure. What did we do before automatic windows? I suppose once you roll the window down, it stayed down. But today, the windows went up and down so often, I was worried about burning up the motor. I’d open the windows and Ricky and Abby would stick their heads out. After a short bit, perhaps the chill was too much, they would come back into the cab of the car. (Is that what the inside of a car is called?) Sometimes, the sound of the window going up would motivate the dogs to want to put their heads back out.

         Got the doctor’s office with the hopes of getting a cup of coffee. I can’t travel with coffee in my Subaru because all of the cup holders are busted and I’m not willing to shell out a few hundred dollars for a replacement. After checking in with the front desk, I went immediately to the coffee. One press of the lever only got me a cup of air. I’m sure you’ve all heard that sound of an empty coffee carafe. I settled for decaf.

         I’m the kind of person that tends to talk to whoever is around. The woman that was sitting next to me had driven from Roseburg to Eugene, a seventy-mile one-way trip. Don’t you have doctor’s in Southern Oregon? She said that the good doctor’s don’t stay in Roseburg because of Medicare and Medicaid. I have to take her word on this statement as I have no clue. I asked her if she was ready for the holidays, and she said that by the time you get to be as old as she, and she didn’t seem to be that old, Christmas isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. I told her that I often feel the same way. My Christmas Candle collection that is probably four or five paper-box full hasn’t seen the light of day in a few years or so. This year there’s not one sign that the holidays are coming except for the wonderful centerpiece that my sister sent to me for Christmas.

         The wait for the nurse wasn’t long, but the visit was much shorter than the wait in the first place, but that’s always the case, isn’t it? The purpose of this visit was to get my twice-yearly shot of Prolia. This was my third round of the drug that’s suppose to help my osteoporosis that nothing else seems to be helping. I tried to take the pills, like the ones that Sally Field’s promotes, but the allergic reaction gives me such severe bone pain that is so unbearable that I want to die. In March, I’ll find out if this denosumab injection is affecting my bones, especially my degenerative back.Image

         My dogs were so happy to see me. It’s too bad they can’t clean my glasses while they slobber all over me. Once I announced that we were ready to go for a drive, they resumed their rightful positions. Ricky always has the first seat, Abby rides the middle, front part of her body in the front and the hind part riding the edge of the back seat. Lucy hangs out with the bowling balls in the back of the Forester.

         While waiting for the plumber to arrive, I puttered around the house. Cleaning some of the kitchen, playing Words With Friends, dealing with the compost, and bringing in wood. Of course, all of these activities involved constant breaks of playing with the dogs, which mostly involved the throwing of a Frisbee.

         Now that dinner has been cooked and consumed, my reward is to sit in front of a toasty fire and read.


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