One day at a time


Sunday, December 15, 2013

10:27 p.m.

Darn it. I missed a day of blogging. My intention was to blog every day. I know that it takes many days to create a habit, so I was paying attention to my brain, watching out for excuses, rational reasons for not doing something, especially if the task is difficult, like writing.

Yesterday, while writing emails and in my journal, I thought about the things that would be good for my blog. Things that people may be interested in reading about. It’s not like I wasn’t without ideas.

And then as I was writing this morning in my journal, I felt like something was missing. Did I write in my blog? I had thought about my blog so much, I didn’t realize that I didn’t write until today. What made matters more confusing is that this blogging page must be an East Coast entity since it time-stamped my writing as the day after I wrote it, and since I wrote around ten o’clock Pacific Time, credit was given for the next day. I hadn’t noticed that before because I prefer to put my own stamp on it. I’m already realizing that since I’m writing after ten o’clock on Sunday, the program will automatically put this on the next page.

Today’s been a strange day. Perhaps the lull after the storm has caught up with me. I had a extra tough time getting out of bed. Even though there was a good chance that the Patriots were going to be on TV, I still didn’t find the motivation to get out of bed until most of the game was over. Perhaps if they had won, my mood would have gotten better, but I doubt it.

I thought that by watching a funny movie, my mood would pick up. I am not a Steve Cerell fan and Crazy Stupid Love was more stupid than crazy. I tried to like the movie. I really did. I only walked away twice when I was so bored I had to get something to eat. It did have a happy ending and everyone did live happily ever after, but I expected a few chuckles that never game. Maybe it was my mood.

I’m not the only one in a strange funk. Quite a few of my Facebook friends, especially my younger Facebook friends have made note of this. So many things are going on. The count down to Christmas has begun. Vacation is around the corner. I think that the full moon isn’t too far off. Everything effects everything.


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