Little Blue Ball

Little blue ballDecember 16, 2013

2:31 p.m.

Earlier in the day, the dogs were barking, trying to tell me something. I figured they were barking at some noise from episode 11 of Sleepy Hollow. I ignored them. Ricky’s a barker and Abby will echo Ricky’s bark regardless of if there’s anything to actually bark at. I tend to ignore them more times than not.

A while later, after emerging from the depths of the basement where I have been busily cataloguing and alphabetizing my collection of books, the dogs were still very eager to go outside, and that’s when I noticed the package. The package, along with the mail, perched on the threshold. The dogs gave me a sideways glance, scolding me that they were right in alarming me that someone had broached the security. Good thing it was just the postal carrier and not some strange element that lurks in the fog. I’ve got to stop reading Patricia Brigg’s books about vampires and werewolves.

When I saw that the package was from my sister Deb, I dug in with delight. Chocolate. She always sends peanut butter chocolate balls. I also looked forward to the possibility of balls for the dog. It helps to have a tennis player in the family to keep my Labradors loaded with tennis balls, but this time there was a new addition. A little blue ball. I don’t know if someone in my family has taken up squash, though I’m sure this little blue rubber ball is used in other sports as well.

I really wanted to grab some really good sports action pictures with the dogs catching the little blue ball, but operator error prevented me from getting anything other than blurrs and pictures that reminded me of what it would be like to be car sick.Anticipation

The little blue ball provided a great anticipation shot. The picture of Ricky vaulting into the air snagging the little ball in mid-air would have been spectacular, if I could figure out how to throw the ball, point the camera, and click it in all one movement. I guess you’ll have to use your imagination.what ball?

The little blue ball inspired the pups to wrestle and carry on, and it didn’t take long for them to forget about the little blue ball and focus on just playing with each other.A bit of roughhousing



  1. Sometimes when our dogs bark, they ARE barking at some episode of Sleepy Hollow–they just filmed some of the scenes in my neighborhood! (Wilmington, NC–the house “belonging” to the female lead actually belongs to my neighbor.)

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