Third Day of my life of a blogger

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

10:02 p.m.

(I really want to learn how to control the spacing on this blog, but I find that messing with those kinds of things distracts me from the writing. So for now, just bear with the extra spaces between the paragraph.)

Maybe this is a metaphor that it’s okay for me to take up more space. I like the idea of having more space between my words. There’s definitely more room to read between the lines.

Even though I have been a journaler since the early 80s, and have recently returned to a five-page-a day average without much trouble, writing with a potential audience is particularly intimidating. This is not a news flash in that I have an easier time writing to myself than for another. What if what I write isn’t interesting or thought-provoking? Again, this is not a news flash either in stating that this simple question has paralyzed me, preventing me from moving and growing as a writer.

I almost talked myself out of writing this evening. The excuses were lining up as if I were creating a David Letterman Top-ten list of why I shouldn’t blog tonight. 1. I don’t feel good. 2. I have a headache. 3. It’s cold and my bed is so warm. 4. My batter on my cell-phone is dying, and I do most of my writing on it. 5. I’d rather play with the dogs. 6. I have to watch Criminal Minds. 7. Oh, after Criminal Minds, I have to watch CSI. 8. I may have professed that I was going to blog every day, but who will know. 9. I have to clean my house. And the number one excuse I was conjuring in my brain was: I’ve been snowed in for six days and have absolutely nothing to write about.



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